Tea caddy Du Guoying: the complex things simple, do the world Chinese tea

Tea caddy Du Guoying: the complex things simple, do the world Chinese tea

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The Sui Dynasty, Cong Cong

“Pot of tea, as a master.”

In the tea industry in the dark forest, from scratch to create a modern tea brand, Du Guoying is how to do?

The mountain

In 2012, an “outsider” small team of mountain for tea.

Xu Haiyu is the third to join the team. Their goal is to look for tea, tea enterprises, to find good tea standards and truth. Although three people can drink tea, but no one understand tea. The embarrassing thing happened.

In Anxi, the birthplace of Chinese Oolong Tea Township and Tieguanyin, a deputy general manager of tea enterprises to receive them, a cup of Oolong Tea, who habitually cup to Xu Haiyu, want to ask him to smell the fragrant cup cover. Xu Haiyu took the cup cover, looked up, stunned the covered it.

It is enough to “own”.

“I wonder, the other very surprised.” Recall 5 years ago in October, do it now act, vice president of the tea caddy smiled and joked.

This one looks a bit “not reliable” search team appeared in the pot of tea tea, the founder of Du Guoying, it is the most reliable. The mountain to find tea is to follow his years of jioubu. Don’t find tea people within the industry, he is deliberately. This is their advantage: they jump out of the traditional tea industry perspective, starting from the needs of users, “the third eye, we can have a more objective view of this industry.”

The traditional tea industry, is regarded as the “dark forest” — the soil, extravagance, prosperity, no price, no standard.

It is generally the concept of tea, or is cheap, either by fudge profits. The tea market will do complex chaos, people brought tea to also feel too profound to be understood. Behind this complex is agricultural products and cultural products of the mode of thinking, when the tea enterprises not with modern consumer goods brand, the standard logic to operate, asymmetric information will appear.

Du Guoying wanted to use modern tea tea for people to change this perception, break through the traditional tea industry inertia. He felt the responsibility of the brand is to know and solve the pain points of consumers, “not because I want to drink good tea, must become a tea expert.” Du Guoying took a sip of tea, tea pot in a leisurely manner to talk about entrepreneurship onset, “behind every thing is the truth.”

Understand the truth, find the best tea, tea, tea will be refined out of quality standards, and clearly inform consumers, this is a modern tea brand first needs to be done. In his opinion, a sunshine business, to bring consumers difficult business, will not be a great long-term business.

In the end where good tea?

What is to determine a value of tea?

What is the most simple rules?

With these questions, the team ran a small tea for tea, while makeup, put on the market with the tea related books are bought by one read. Run more, see more. Their ability to distinguish tea rapidly, with only half the time you do not say layman, not out of the act.

They found that each tea tea understanding is not the same, some even conflicting opinions. So judge, absorb, digest…… Soon, they clear the three standard of tea: rare varieties; picking standard; complexity of post process.

In this way, a search is three and a half years, they went through the China tea all the core region.

Small tea is Du Guoying’s fourth venture. Previously, he made this OZing and E E of the people…… Is the famous “tide”, throughout the growth stage of a generation. He became 25 years old start empty-handed, China’s youngest billionaire.

These can be compared to a series of successful entrepreneurial experience, Du Guoying is more willing to is about my past pit.

At the end of 90s, the “good” Du Guoying will be pushed to the pinnacle of life. He is young and frivolous, expansion to believe he is the next Li Jiacheng. He cast a bunch of overweeningly ambitious projects, naively thought can invincible powerful marketing. But soon, many products because of quality problems, hit in the warehouse. From billionaire to debt 4489, peak to trough, a roller coaster.

In order to pay his debts, he put all the things to mortgage is lost, but left two kind of — a BMW car, there are 24 hours of mobile phone. BMW is a gas left his mobile phone, 24 hours a day, is to tell the creditors that he is still alive, the money will be as soon as possible. In those days, he was anxious to hair alopecia areata.

Under pressure, he wants to understand one thing: “no good products don’t talk about what”. This is his life in a completely changed — severely tore the so-called “marketing wizards” label, turned to the product itself the power of faith.

Although the business after several times, because the deep insight into the needs of users and to meet, have achieved commercial success, but foreign capital rapid profit to interfere with the polished products, like apple rival pedestria stuck, let him think again: the battlefield of life where the first half.

After nearly 20 years, a successful one sell one, he was tired. “I toss four or five, seemingly toss well, I always think, if in an industry rooted in 20 years will be like this?” He said that he is in fact a special focus on the people, the past “frequent success” is not what he wants.

Now, he is more than ever the patience and power for the next 30 years, to focus on one thing, this thing is: tea.

You do not give money, investment, capital of the opportunity so that you can backseat driver, slowly shaping, polishing products; “science and technology is the United States, luxury is Europe, tea is China”, this is the natural advantages of genetic gene. Today, the traditional tea enterprises with Guoying Du tea, just as the year of the mobile phone industry suffered apple Du Guoying.

The complex, luxury, soil, and chaos, old thing, is the most ordinary consumer awareness of tea. According to the market research team, the 360 billion scale industry, seventy thousand tea enterprises less than a Lipton tea brand, the largest Tenfu accounted for the industry share of less than 0.5%. This is a brand of very low concentration of industries, mostly as agricultural products or products of tea culture, and as a consumer of tea brand, is a huge blank.

In such a large traditional industries, why the growth of a great Chinese brand?

How to change the traditional tea industry, to create a modern tea brand?

How to put the tea into the young people’s way of life?

As a typical China tea culture symbol, how to go to the world with new image?

These questions make him excited.

“The answer is what I don’t know, but I know the direction must be wrong!” Du Guoying said simply, not what big and beautiful words around the people, did not imagine the marketing wizards puppyish and “flicker”, there is a sense of business intuition and judgment.

He can speak without thinking of the team to find tea date — June 20, 2012. This is the beginning of the tea pot, is a mountain he ran the rest of the mission “”. The start for Du Guoying, too deep imprint.

Du Guoying tea


The mountain road was removed from.

Initially, they ran to want to use organic tea, organic, made a good tea standards. Also with the stupid method — from the National Certification Commission’s Web site to find the top ten tea organic tea with a list of what you want. The tea industry people know too much, it is strange to visit. From the enterprise website to find the phone, one hit, one by one to visit.

Trouble? But the search for tea team felt own beauty. They found that an enterprise’s management level is displayed in the. Even later, tea industry as a friend from the bridge, they are still not in a hurry to call the boss directly, or from the official website of the phone.

The first round of search, the actual team contacted more than 500 tea enterprises. The first half of 2013, to come to an end, but also because of the organic concept in China fuzzy standard and was abandoned. How can you still do? Like tea was born in the accident, Du Guoying is also found in the accident.

Once, during a visit to Wuyi tour Yuqiong sister, two from the floor, drinking tea, stroll in the yard to go, Du Guoying one saw her on the wall hung a sign — the “national intangible cultural heritage project of Wuyi rock tea making skills representative inheritors”. There is this? Du Guoying eyes.

Turn the boat, one by one to visit the famous intangible cultural heritage craft heritage. This seems to have not a pedestrian white tea industry. How to persuade the upstream master cooperate with them, choose which master to cooperate, they have cleared the door.

Are the top tea master, so the principle of cooperation have become simple and clear: first, to see if the two sides agree, mutual recognition and trust; secondly, to see the masters have the ability to scale supply; third, only those who had been the capital of the tea source.

Du Guoying’s grand vision — the complex things simple, do the world China tea, with his polished product obsession, to create a great brand pursuit, no doubt to turn son to find a way out of the traditional tea enterprises to open a window. Although there are a lot of people do not understand, but most of the tea master, innovative ideas for the tea pot, or cast a vote.

Fuding white tea production technology heritage forest Zhenchuan and seeking tea team talked for two hours it took in, “you don’t go to any person, this thing I cooperate with you.” Wuyi Dahongpao craft heritage Wang Shunming is to have mixed feelings to the sentence “I waited for you for a lifetime!”

Visit Wang Shunming, has not yet fully recovered he was caught leg fracture. His son-in-law received them. The two sides talked in the table, an old man with a cane seated in silence at the other end of the long table, quietly listening to the. The second half, he will occasionally ask a few words. About the last, he suddenly take a table, “I have been waiting for you for a lifetime!” Escape one’s lips。 You know this, it was Wang Shunming himself.

Wang Shunming engaged in tea for 44 years, a lifetime in dealing with tea. In his view, the traditional tea enterprises make good tea, from cultivation, planting, management, processing and testing…… A series of high technology. However, the traditional tea enterprises do a good brand. He always regret “never let our country become the world’s tea brand”, so when Du Guoying said, to do the world China tea, there is no reason not to join Wang Shunming.

“Du Guoying is a man with great intelligence.” Do a lifetime of tea Wang Shunming speech, a careful eye, expressing appreciation for Du Guoying is generous. “He is talkative, but he thought the problem, every time he asked me questions are very sharp, all my life had no answer.” Trust him “arise spontaneously, do every thing, every step is really thoughtful.”

In Wang Shunming’s eyes, Du Guoying is not necessarily the most understand tea, is one of the candidates most want to Wei tea products, is also the most likely to make Chinese tea.

Finally, Du Guoying and his team found eight representatives of the eight tea. Eight masters, eight set of perfect authentic craft inheritance. In the words of Wang Shunming, no one can neglect the link. By the teacher, Du Guoying in one of the most difficult standard industry cleverly completed a standardized action.

Jug eight masters eight tea tea collection


Every innovation is a traditional looking again.

In his early years, Du Guoying often went to Jinsong near the Carrefour supermarket to buy tea. Drums sell loose tea, sold on the pounds. He also jokingly said, an American in Losangeles, and colleagues said, “I drank 36 cups of tea, to the office or dying of thirst.” Originally, his father-in-law, Fujian, the morning bubble tea to him, 36 cup.

These are inappropriate. Du Guoying thought is: how to adapt to the traditional Chinese tea? How to change from tea to mouth between the experience? Over the past 20 years market that way, Lipton tea bag and the taste is not really pleasing people, Chinese people love or ancestors of the original drink tea leaves. Western tea brand road is not in his imagination, nor is there any other way to learn, can only rely on their own a new road trip to.

Du Guoying decided to China tea do a little easier, modern, fashion point. He set out a tune — simple, vivid, light luxury.

Served as design director Kamihara Hideo TOTO, Dentsu Inc of Japan cutting-edge designers, featuring the products of the packaging design. At that time, Du Guoying proposed three requirements: first, improve the tea bad user experience (such as preservation issues, after opening for drinking; second, by hand grasp) unified packaging to meet the different varieties and forms of tea storage; third, environmental protection. The seemingly simple request, “Jane’s behind is to have the ability to simplify.”

The design scheme has been done in the eighth draft decided to try the metal material, inspired by the chance to see the cigar. Good cigar a packed in elegant metal aluminum in tea, why not try? After the five draft design, tea pot of Kamihara Hideo finally in the most traditional Chinese found ownership, given this little aluminum cans.

At this point, Guoying DU on the three “simple” packaging requirements to achieve the perfect: a pot of a bubble, nitrogen filling process, clean and fresh; three-dimensional storage, whether or Pu’er Tieguanyin, long shaped or spherical, any magical Oriental leaves are able to maintain the integrity of the original leaf, posture stretch of food; grade aluminum, safety and environmental protection, such as cola, beer cans as the most convenient recycling.

Can a pot of tea, a bubble

The design completed. With the market all the bottles are not the same, it can not only clean any excess. In Du Guoying’s view, good design, not only because of the aesthetic taste gives people a feeling of pleasure, can both solve the problem, to meet the demand for services. For example, people open the pot when the moment of high texture caused by sliding along the perfect experience, “Du Guoying said is a tear”.

In order to perfect the “tear”, after hundreds of experiments, repeated, and care about the details, let the tea in the pot. The supplier a “abnormal” excuse. This little aluminum cans, from design to development, it took two and a half years. Du Guoying patiently, not rash, etc.. Finally, when the only let him put it down, small aluminum cans filled with strong industrial beauty.

Discussion of trademark, “pot of tea” logical out. Du Guoying said, feeling, dasudaya.

Tea pot two generation terminal point location


In September 2015, the advent of the tea pot. The first is quiet, without any advertising and publicity, first blind test. Du Guoying would like to see, the product itself has no power. 3 pot of tea store in Ji’nan, Chongqing, Beijing, Spanless until the Spring Festival in 2016, three months time, store sales to sell 300 thousand. Better than expected.

Subsequently, the advertising. Appear in front of the camera, Xu Haiyu tea and several employees can master craftsmanship of intangible cultural heritage. The picture like water flowing the same, several masters meanders. For a time, and can master, as a “new species into the dark forest in the tea pot, seemingly without warning triggered outside the industry shocks.

A small pot of tea to reshape the image of. The first one prick finding fault soon imitators appeared. Insiders said, there is a pot of tea for years, there are a lot of tea enterprises boss came to the door, so he recommended the brand and design talent, they also want to become beautiful.

Although this is simple to follow, but there is no doubt that the tea canister broke through the shackles of traditional tea industry inherent thinking, let them see the burden from selling souvenirs to become possibility trend drinks.

Grafting brand experience, make tea can suddenly become a representative of the advanced productivity of tea industry. Current sales data show that in 2017 the top three industries can develop the tea pot. For questioning, peer approval or copy, Du Guoying see in the eyes. But he is most looking forward to, a senior rival. Good opponent can put together the industry bigger, faster growth can promote each other.

Asked Du Guoying, a word of his innovative method what is on? He was the head of micro side, thought for a few seconds, “respect knowledge, sometimes also want to forget common sense.” After a pause, he slowed down the tempo, “some common sense as truth may exist for a long time, some common sense is a phase, can be destroyed.”

He plans, future can even go to the tea leaves change itself. This is the idea of a staggering. But in his view, the traditional tea just stick with the things passed down from our ancestors, but innovation there are still too many places, “around better and better, more nutritious drink of the three dimensions of innovation, you say what is wrong?”

“For a long time, tea in addition to understanding the obstacle, and the industrial chain is too long, farming in agricultural production and processing, sales in the industry, drinking in the business, to integrate the three industries is simply tell some fantastic tales.” “The tea war” author Zhou Zhonglin laments a canister of tea and no scruples overweeningly ambitious.

Du Guoying think, Chinese tea go today are from the field to the market, but the flow has not been smooth, his promotion is from the market reaction field — with commercial success to drive upstream efficiency, step by step to push, improve the upstream stable supply capacity and product quality.

So, he particularly despised the price war, relentlessly said, this is a typical “straight cancer” behavior of enterprises. Compared with the low price competition will eventually damage the interests of farmers, consumers entrance product quality, he hopes to realize the interest distribution mechanism of health, with good products to win the hearts of the people.

Recently, he even began to consult with the team, what is the upper reaches of the feeding means, such as money to help make upstream infrastructure or education investment. He wanted to use real returns tell farmers on ecological protection, more thoughtful, tea quality is better and more secure, they can get more returns. This is his understanding of the “new commercial civilization thinking”, more open, inclusive and altruistic.

For the future of the outline, Du Guoying has never stopped thinking. He loves reading. A Book site on his personal account consumption has reached hundreds of thousands, once they see a good book, buy it and share with team. Over the past decade, he has formed his own unique – rest – morning sleep at noon to deal with all kinds of affairs, the night of 10 to 6 points in the morning is his solitude. Under the night, no bother. He read a book, one side to look at business, look at yourself.

He recently read “knowledge capital”, “twenty of the world’s most beautiful bookstore of Japan tsutaya bookstore owner Masuda Zongzhao wrote. Masuda Muneaki broke through the experience barriers to “human scale” to measure the enterprise, “store” has become a way of life, “the store”.

Du Guoying was very sympathetic, all these years, he often thought is how to do the Chinese way of life, what is the way of life. He found the road — to representatives of Chinese life style Chinese tea again to the world.

“Five years ago, we saw a huge opportunity, today, we see a great mission.” Du Guoying said. Since the Shennong tea, Chinese became the birthplace of tea, then tea for thousands of years, along the sea silk road to the world, captured the human taste buds, tea to a name card of the Chinese.

Today, China ushered in the great moment of national rejuvenation, representing the Chinese symbol China tea also ushered in a historic opportunity.

Du Guoying said: “Chinese tea hundreds of years ago, it has been to the world, but to go out is cheap raw materials, we hope that through their own efforts, let China tea again to the world, not the raw materials, the brand is not only the product, and culture.”

This article reprinted from the public “character” (renwumag1980)

The afternoon of November 28th, tea caddy founder and chairman Du Guoying will come up, in his speech, you will hear:

From E, E of the people, this 8848 mobile phone to the pot of tea, how can Du Guoying be Du Guoying?

He said in the layman, Du Guoying responded “why I am one foot out the door?”

Tea canister unknown product of thinking and the devil details where?

The traditional culture of innovation, let Chinese tea again to the world, Du Guoying how to solve the difference between domestic and foreign cognition?

Du Guoying’s confusion and hope is what, listen to how he system Chinese tea industry chain upgrade.


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The classical tea house in Shanghai has “blowout”, don’t you remember a little bit “”

The classical tea house in Shanghai has “blowout”, don’t you remember a little bit “”

DT Finance

No. 100 17-10-31 15:17

Text / data man Liu Sunan

Only a short while ago, tea culture once swept the earth. Grandma grandpa often in the southern restaurant called a pot of hot tea can have a morning, people in the north are nibbling the seeds and drinking tea, and then listen to a comic way.

Now, this kind of tea business is less and less, instead, is fastidious about the tea tea, pay attention to Chinese tea consumption experience. Man Liu Sunan data from public comment data analysis of Chinese tea in this round of consumer upgrades in performance.

Chinese teahouse hidden in the side of the consumer to upgrade

Some time ago to go to Lingyin Temple on the edge of the teahouse with friends small Syria, Chinese style furniture, bamboo, cattail, female boss practicing calligraphy in the side. We have a six, in turn point four: Longjing tea lion, small smoky, Phoenix Dancong and 90 old white tea. Laughing, drinking tea is more concentrated, this leisurely elegant atmosphere makes the party getting better.

Usually used to see the fast food style coffee, tea, in fact, I personally love this type of wind Chinese recover the original simplicity that teahouse, cultural heritage, the elegant way of life makes people have a natural sense of belonging. When the final checkout found: the original price is very beautiful (not expensive)!

(image: Cantonese traditional teahouse, some tea in the teahouse grandma grandpa often Laoke, exudes the breath; rich source: visual Chinese)

In Chinese, teahouse also once popular marketplace. In the Guangdong region has a tea culture, and a comic culture of Beijing and Tianjin, tea business was very popular. The impression that the Chinese teahouse is a very common place, filled with the flavor of life.

Hangzhou some teahouse is busy, but in recent years the teahouse is slowly embarked on a more sophisticated consumer experience “upgrade”: a Chinese road layout, become less crowded, more tea to pay up. I personally love tea culture, also noted that in recent years, around the teahouse up more gradually.

So, I hope from the data analysis of Chinese commercial activities in the teahouse.

I selected Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, the five city as the research object, using crawler data public comment on the five city all information and teahouse user reviews (all data up to 17 years at the end of August).

I will mainly look at these data from two aspects, the first is the user comments, which reflects the Chinese teahouse public heat; second is the number of tea itself, which favored capital of the Chinese teahouse.

(explanation: changes in the number of comments teahouse with time)

Real change is from the beginning of 2014. In the second half of the 14, the number of teahouse comments five city have started to rise in different degree, and the Shanghai and Hangzhou Chinese teahouse comments showed explosive growth. Although the number of comments after the teahouse with different months and years will be ups and downs, but always maintained at a relatively 14 years ago several times higher than the level above.

Therefore, the first year of 2014 can be regarded as the rise of the Chinese teahouse.

Observant readers may have found that since 2014, the number of comments around the teahouse with months to show a regular fluctuations, the characteristics of the teahouse in Shanghai was especially obvious.

Below I discuss five city since 2014 this part of the image, to explore the management of Chinese teahouse from the perspective of comments.

This is since 2014 the number of changes over time of the teahouse on the Shanghai map, on the four peak occurred in January 2016, July 2016, March 2017 and July 2017.

These can be inferred from the peak in spring and summer two season is the peak consumption of tea. Although the teahouse of the public heat with months of ups and downs, but the curve’s tone is always rising, Shanghai Chinese tea is good prospects for the future.

The number of comments in Hangzhou teahouse although in the five city is in a leading position, but the number of comments reflected from the public heat no Shanghai so obvious. Can be seen from the figure, after June 2016, the number of comments teahouse appeared more serious decline, lack of stamina, until August this year to return to 15 years the peak level.

Above are Guangzhou, Nanjing and Chengdu teahouse public heat show.

The three city together because of their common point three more: the first is the teahouse comment number is low, Chengdu and Nanjing the highest value in the 500 comments about Guangzhou teahouse comments have not exceeded 250. In the first echelon of the teahouse in Shanghai, in early 2014 has reached 250 of the monthly measurement data, From this point of view: Chinese teahouse in Shanghai than in Guangzhou at least 3 years ahead.

The second point is the same as in the middle of 2016 has experienced a similar decline, hindering the normal development of teahouse public heat, especially in Guangzhou and Nanjing city as the two most, decline to about 30%.

Guangzhou and Chengdu data is quite surprising, because the two city has a strong tea rhyme, in the traditional impression tea should be the main consumer market, but the comments from the public data, the two city teahouse performance is not strong, are Shanghai seckill, was Hangzhou suspended.

Of course, there are some factors such as the incomplete, from my personal experience in Guangzhou, uncle aunt is Guangzhou teahouse consumption, certainly can’t expect them to their comments on the Internet and in the contribution; young people accounted for the main consumer of Shanghai, on the Internet to accept a high degree of Hangzhou. People may prefer to get their comments on the internet.

In fact, the data of Shanghai teahouse comment so much, cannot do without the rapid expansion of the number of houses in the city for two years. If the first comment to the teahouse as its formal entry into the market of the logo, below the action figure shows since 2013 Shanghai teahouse quantity change.

(image: dynamic map number Chinese teahouse in Shanghai with time expanding)

We can clearly see the Chinese teahouse in Shanghai in 2014, and the changes of teahouse aggregation degree. The animation in the darker places said the region gathered more tea.

At the end of 2013, the core area of Shanghai has only a few scattered pieces of the teahouse is more dense area, and at the end of 2014, Yanan road to Xujiahui road Zhaojia Bang Road area has gathered a lot of tea, but from the development trend after a few years, this area is the most intensive areas of teahouse.

Along the Suzhou river with its unique scenery of the city, but also spawned a large number of tea, especially fast in the Huangpu River section is capital to snatch. Another piece of the more obvious change is the Pudong plate, peripheral circuit, and PU high school road, Century Park is the most intense competition in Pudong area as a teahouse.

Regional differences of Chinese teahouse: Guangzhou Chengdu’s most fashionable, leisurely

Chinese style teahouse around certainly in a certain degree of integration across that some specific local customs and practices, what difference? Perhaps this problem can find clues from the tens of thousands of comments. My next comment content around the teahouse statistics, respectively for the five city review frequency analysis.

(explanation: public comment on the Shanghai Chinese teahouse comments word cloud)

First look at Shanghai. Shanghai Chinese tea culture revealed this shows the city Cecil bourgeois. In addition to the “teahouse” similar synonyms, Shanghai people in the tea when it comes to love some tea with the best environment, “quiet” and “elegant”, “elegant”; sometimes “rooms” or “box”, pay more attention to the “privacy”, some may also need to make an appointment”.

(explanation: public comment on the Hangzhou Chinese teahouse comments word cloud)

Hangzhou people love students and colleagues, group purchase, to the edge of the West Lake environment, outdoor teahouse is quiet drink white tea. They love the Japanese style of decoration, and love to eat chicken wings, ice cream, nuts and fruit.

(explanation: public comment on the Guangzhou Chinese teahouse comments word cloud)

Guangzhou people also love it, go to a park or a group purchase, the environment a good place to drink Oolong Tea. Guangzhou teahouse waiter seems very beautiful, of course, to attract customers or teahouse in Guangzhou there are many Western-style food, like beef, cheese and salad. Guangzhou teahouses are generally more fashionable, exquisite and comfortable.

(explanation: public comment on the Nanjing Chinese teahouse comments word cloud)

Nanjing tea more tricks, drink and eat but also to listen to the dialogue. Eat very local characteristics, such as the Yangzhou lion head, a lot of delicious dishes. If you want to ask me in Xinjiekou, then we went to the teahouse, chatting and playing cards, super comfortable.

(explanation: public comment on the Chengdu Chinese teahouse comments word cloud)

Chengdu tea is not tea, eating habits, simply go to the park with my friends in the teahouse tea, chat. Chengdu people love tea is very exquisite, with Mao Feng and Black Tea coverbowl global, so carefree, laid the Longmen array, an afternoon passed.

The word cloud can be simply found that many local customs, such as: Hangzhou and Guangzhou people go to the teahouse tea, usually hope the teahouse can provide many different kinds of food, more extreme, as in Guangzhou, tea table two! In Chengdu, people still prefer simple tea, lively chat. In style, Japanese style teahouse in Hangzhou is taking the wind, and the teahouse in Guangzhou more fashion, from the point of view of food are also more likely to Western-style food.

Hangzhou: a Chinese teahouse rising star?

Back to the original logic, to observe the Chinese teahouse comments five city from two aspects: the first is the number of comments that people love to the teahouse, this is the opinion of heat; second is the amount of capital for the pursuit of the teahouse said this is the degree of the teahouse, capital of the heat. This is based on the two concepts drawn five Chinese teahouse public heat vs capital heat map.

From the opinion of heat, Shanghai and Hangzhou respectively to the first and the second tier, and Chengdu, Guangzhou and Nanjing tea does not seem to be very popular, belong to the third tier.

The three echelon of the distance between the shows very large. From the capital Shanghai and Chengdu heat, the teahouse is undoubtedly the most favored by the capital, belong to the first echelon, while Hangzhou and Guangzhou are similar, belong to the second tier, Nanjing belongs to third. Similarly, the three echelon distance is very large.

The comparison is not difficult to see that, at this stage, the number of Hangzhou Chinese teahouse comments is very nice, that more and more people are willing to go to Chinese tea consumption, while at present, the number of Chinese tea in Hangzhou is not saturated, which has great potential.

The so-called consumer upgrades, changes in the final analysis is the people’s consumption habits, perhaps a few years ago, drank some coffee and tea is not healthy, and gradually become the trend of tea now.

I always get the tea drink when the drinks, remember the undergraduate time, especially love to drink Black Tea taste of “Oriental leaves”, every time buy back will be a roommate of ridicule, but perhaps in the future one day, we will be in love with the light slightly bitter, but afterwards I have a sweet feeling! (the goose factory Guangfang Daniel opdeng for half a year to give me encouragement)

Note: This is only the views of the author and do not represent the financial position of DT. This picture is especially marked, are from the author.

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Chivalrous martial data

The data of man Liu Sunan. The Department of energy and the old mountain slag Shuo, big data center method and Hadoop self Nirvana machine learning, currently in Hangzhou science and technology engineering ETL Shi AI geng. Hobbies, swimming, hiking, aerial rookie practice.

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Why Wong Lo Kat fire, but all these herbal tea brand is dead? Abstract: since the jiaduobao Wong Lo Kat and I rarely write about the separation of the herbal tea, but looking back on the previous observation network category development articles, mostly my article.

Change, focus on analysis of entrepreneurial projects, help equity investors good first pass! Since the separation of Wong Lo Kat and I rarely jiaduobao, write articles about herbal tea, but looking back on the previous observation network category development articles, mostly my article.

Recently, a man named Hengda herbal tea brand again appear in our field of vision, a time attracted industry attention. After the media research found that the name of Hengda herbal tea products, and Xu Jiayin Hengda is not half dime, but is a high tech company to build Hengda products. Poor Xu Jiayin to carry a “sex father heartless”, friends pictures posted after criticism.

We are not a father born!

Then eggs, whether it is a herbal tea or Hengda Hengda high tech of herbal tea, the essence of the results are not what good end. Just like the beginning of Tongrentang herbal tea, herbal tea in the market to be successful is not easy, unless you are 10 kidney, otherwise it is doomed to be a failure to fight. Most people are not even the market moves up, the market will be a torrent washed down, shot dead on the beach.

Here I am not going to analysis how many kinds of Hengda herbal tea to die, let us to see how many Niubi down in the way of herbal tea enterprises these years, you don’t envy those herbal tea products.

Baiyun Mountain tea export e Yan Qing is the product of Baiyun Mountain and Hutchison Whampoa Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd. in 2007 to the grand launch of a herbal tea products. The product formula derived from “Kouyanqing granule Baiyun Mountain”.

After several rounds of struggle, kouyan e changed its name to Baiyun Mountain Qing herbal tea herbal tea, although the operation also invited star Honglei Sun endorsement, but the market is the use of no improvement, basically in a state of neither dead nor alive. Baiyun Mountain is expected next tea will soon be cleared out of the market, because the Baiyun Mountain with Wang Laoji this treasure, Baiyun Mountain tea is very important.

Death several times You’ll see. death is what taste!

Hornsey pharmaceutical has launched the supernatant drink herbal tea in 2007, five years revenues of 2 billion yuan, but the actual annual sales volume from 3 million 321 thousand and 900 in 2007 to 13 million 966 thousand and 700 in 2009 fell to tank tank, 2010 net loss of 26 million 700 thousand yuan, has been discontinued. Golden has shown, sand sand shows, Asian Asian Bi twist, Asian orange treasure, chrysanthemum honey and other beverage products under the flag of Hornsey pharmaceutical in 2015 1 billion 465 million, soft drink sales revenue 84 million 610 thousand yuan, accounting for 5.78%.

Drink supernatant was born in the herbal tea market is in a period of rapid growth, but defeated when is still in rapid growth in tea. This product, when there is no features, from the name to the concept is a failure, and the red jar and the operation of medical practices, so that the product is desolate.

Clear, calm me not fire up

In 2008, founded in 1991 with $5 billion in assets and signs products Wanji Wanji group launched a piece of blue cans “Wanji music tea”, and hired a Hongkong actor Dicky Cheung endorsement, the target to do the Pepsi herbal tea market. But a large area of advertising bombing did not play continued to stimulate consumption, the basic production Wanji music.

It can be said that many people also Wanji music tea do not understand is the end, like Dicky Cheung has been very hard but never fire, just quietly and walked quietly.

Fast to fire

In 2010 the U.S. pharmaceutical for the first time in Guangdong launched the first imperial chrysanthemum tea bags, by Professor Deng Tietao personally in medical prescription, coupled with the continuous technical improvement, and the introduction of new marketing concept. In 2013, Kang war imperial tea development into bags, cans, boxes and PET with four varieties.

Imperial chrysanthemum tea invited Li Bingbing to help out, but the market has been tepid, to Kang beauty return is always cold, although the product has been in the market and sales, but for the influence of herbal tea can say almost zero.

The chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum yellow, yellow chrysanthemum soon

Unlicensed herbal tea is China famous pharmaceutical enterprise that its products, hired Ge You as a brand ambassador, in 2008 officially listed. The brand of herbal tea recipe from the Qing Dynasty in south of the Five Ridges tea family, the family according to the formula for making tea, won the “forty-first national non secret” intangible cultural heritage award.

Ruinian group in the operation of unlicensed herbal tea is also taken to generous operation, also hired a professional occupation managers team, in the field of herbal tea for the third position, and it is becoming the Chinese want to go beyond the field of herbal tea. The brand also invited the famous actor Ge You as a spokesperson, from CCTV to local TV a bombing, but soon the market is defeated, is only two or three years, disappeared in the market. The herbal tea market how dangerous, is not an ordinary person can operate.

After the card, how not to shun?

2010 launched the overlord overlord shampoo herbal tea, a time of industry criticism, indeed two years down the road leading to the Bawang herbal tea poured in dominance, while jiaduobao dug a lot of talent, but ultimately did not say goodbye to the fate of Farewell to My Concubine.

The so-called “family medicine” overlord group launched Liangcha products in 2010, and invited Donnie Yen endorsement. 2011 sales revenue of 167 million yuan, accounted for 18.8% of the total power group performance, but the subsequent development of Bawang herbal tea in 2012 revenues of 17 million 583 thousand yuan, a sudden turn for the worse, the first half of 2013 revenue was only 790 thousand yuan. In July 1, 2013, king group to stop production and sales of herbal tea. Overlord group in 2015 total revenue of 232 million, net loss of 110 million.

Brother see carefully, I’m not Jackie Chan!

Herbal tea is not afraid of fire Renhe group food limited company in 2010 developed new generation of herbal tea. Renhe group is based on the development of a kind of herbal medicine, summed up with Qingrejiedu, thirst and other effects of the health drink herbal tea is not afraid of fire.

At the beginning of the listing, but also Renhe group has built a strong team, fully absorb the advanced experience of the pharmaceutical companies, the company independent mode of operation, by a professional occupation managers team to operate. Although Renhe is to do not fear the fire with 10 kidney, but also two or three years, the market will suffer a big, has become a burden on the company. Not afraid of the fire and Renhe part company each going his own way. So far there are dealers to deal with the problem clearly.

Behind my cold is a warm fire

Although the products listed at the beginning of Taiji company confidently declared that the expected annual sales will reach 100 million at the beginning of the tank (bottle), sales income of 3-5 billion yuan, planning after 5 years to achieve the sales volume of 20-50 yuan. But it’s not over two years, Taiji herbal tea has become the laughingstock of the market, the market is not only no improvement, but the image is poor in a complete mess. See this package, I just want to say, if you want to do such a thing, at least to design a package, so the product, than simply die ugly.

So that Tai Chi is the core of failure, too can play Tai Chi, are reluctant to even the packaging design companies, is not worth and they talk about the brand and market.

Do not have tea Tai Chi Kung Fu to the!

Tongrentang herbal tea began distribution in July 2015, mainly in the Tongrentang stores and supermarket sales, low-key and stationed in the Jingdong, the first half of the time to reach about 80000000 yuan in sales.

In the spring of this year’s sugar conference, Tongrentang according to the published data, the cumulative amount of the intention of signing up to 300 million yuan, Tongrentang also plans to two tea (tea and Maca Oolong Tea) into the mass consumer market, in supermarkets, convenience stores and other mass sales channels, expand distribution channels, as the guide of the whole “big health” in the strategic layout.

There are many experts privately and I discussed this product. This product is hard to say why design intentions, the product can also be said, brand well is regressed. However, at this time it Born Under A Bad Sign Tongrentang herbal tea, unpredictable future will happen in the future, next year will be able to know.

According to relevant media consolidation data show that at least 18 companies involved in the herbal tea market, including giant companies with annual revenues of more than 10 billion, but most of them are not ideal. (here miss ren)

Why so many powerful pharmaceutical companies do not have the bigger and stronger herbal tea?

First of all, is jealous of wanpiao attitude, no product strategy.

Pharmaceutical product profit is too high, the profits of Listed Companies in addition to the bank’s list of pharmaceutical companies, and liquor companies, we don’t drink. The product is pure herbal tea, see jiaduobao earned pours, the heart is very great, so identify opportunities on the water, the tea water is too deep, simply can not afford to burn, everywhere is war, where their turn ah, or quickly retracted the old bank, have been a good day.

Second, the channel pattern is backward, not to seize the core channel.

Most of the pharmaceutical companies are relying on the channel of the original medical channels, competition is relatively closed, mainly depends on the relationship clear, has not experienced the harsh competition in the market. Pharmaceutical companies have several pharmaceutical chain channels thought to sell drinks, and found that there wasn’t selling. The main channel of herbal tea or catering mainly initiated, full channel sales model. Many enterprises do not seize the development opportunities of the catering channel, so missed and Wang Laoji, jiaduobao to erode the market opportunity, finally forced to withdraw from the market.

Third, follow the demands of pharmaceutical companies product imitation, no brand awareness segment.

Pharmaceutical companies think to buy medicine for consumers to see the effect, so will pay for the tea industry. In fact, it does not know, Wang Laoji is the JDB from medicine into a drink, to solve the problems of consumers in mind, make herbal tea become a beverage plant functional drink, rather than a function of plant drugs. So in this cognitive environment, pharmaceutical companies First impressions are strongest subjective consciousness, so that in the operation of a product into a dead end, although the market sales are also able to drink according to do, but the resistance is too heavy and the lack of differences in terms of their own, are generally said “fire” jiaduobao like this makes the product, loss of status, the market is very difficult to accomplish something, by pharmaceutical companies ten years follow jiaduobao more than 20 enterprises, the life and death of two.

Fourth, marketing strategy is wrong, missed the opportunity to import.

The early followers of Wang Laoji, jiaduobao herbal tea made the most companies are in the stronghold of Guangdong and Guangxi import market products Wang Laoji, JDB herbal tea, the market is mature, the market has been fully meet Wang Laoji, JDB herbal tea products, the channel is also very abundant, because the enterprise is very difficult to establish their own market base. The relative success and the herbal tea, successfully entered the market, Wang Laoji is the choice of the JDB weak market in Jiangxi set up a base, and then turn into Guangdong and Guangxi, the rapid achievement of their market position.

For newcomers to the proposal

The tea the entire category is in recession, the market has been Wang Laoji, jiaduobao fully cultivated, after entering the enterprise to establish their own market in this environment, and success is not easy, enterprises need to invest enormous human and material resources, it may be a little by the harvest.

So no matter what kind of enterprises to enter the herbal tea market, the herbal tea market environment, can only enter a opportunistic, shot for a place, how much is how much can play, do not use the size of army combat, so kill one thousand self harm in front of Babai, many martyrs have proven this the road of hardships and dangers. For dealers, also don’t expect much of the harvest, fully weigh the channel characteristics of their own, to control the market cost, in order to avoid becoming victims of manufacturers, and clean up the mess you have to rely on their own.

Hereby to the people who are still struggling on the herbal tea market!

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Keep quiet is the heart is pot. Abstract: a pot, quiet heart

Sometimes tired of living, even the scenery along the way no, even lost myself. In fact, the downtown transit, leaves the dust, finally want very simple, Corelle body, mind is pleasure. We need to give life, tired heart silver brew brew a cup of tea, would ease her mind.

The ancient dynasty to “boil water to make tea with your silver, silver statue”. Ming Xu Cishu “tea Shu” recorded in the “tea from a gas injection he is good, so the first so tin”. The creation of custom silver attention for several years, found a little silver tea health secret, so share it.

Tea and silver encounter, is really the most beautiful meet. The use of silver tea, and the teapot is the biggest difference between silver can release of silver ions. According to the study, as long as the silver ions per liter of water containing 2/100000000000 grams, is enough to make the most of the death of bacteria. Sterling Silver pot traces of silver ions, enough amount of tea produced in the process of storage to kill the bacteria, it can remove the smell of tea, bubble tea and so warm, mellow flavor, brewing alcohol thick tea more lovable. However, with the silver tea, tea for selection and some attention, the creation of some of the highlights suggest, the best brewing aroma of tea, such as tea, Oolong Tea, Pu’er Tea etc..

Silver tea is a good thing, but in fact some “delicate”, in order to prevent scratches on the surface and surface oxidation, also need to have a little. It is called a pot, instead of pouring pot, filling the pot, it is because the pot “proud” character. “The” purpose is “silver”, but the main character is “people”, so the pot is the essence of yangxin. A pot of the process step by step, pay attention to guard against arrogance and rashness, it just can relief “Mundane” troubles, enrich the spiritual nutrition, let impetuous calm. Keep in Mind Meditation under moderate silver more gentle amiable but how to keep it?

In fact, the pot that simple is not simple, it is not so difficult to imagine. The creation in the pot with some experience, want to take out exchange. First of all, the fact is, so delicate “used to light light, don’t hurt or hurt, rowing; secondly, if using silver tea, after use, for the first time the fact inside and outside clean, carefully dried with a soft cloth, avoid the fact most, if accelerated oxidation; do not use for a long time, in the clean, use a soft cloth or paper wrap, placed in a cool place. In fact, the pot is a process of Yangxin, then practical pot coup over but also a meditation to care.

Take a sip of tea, flowers bloom; keep a silver, yunjuanyunshu. In fact the tea and complement each other in meditation, the taste of life, people envy. A cup of tea, drink only remaining incense, and a silver pot, flat mood, increase interest, health benefits, if silver can also keep well, forever, biography.

The new Starbucks drink was make complaints about the history of the most difficult to drink, “who is in the pay? Abstract: just brain hole wide open “nitrogen coffee” launched recently by Starbucks, a man named “Pink Drink” summer drink popular. But unexpectedly, a wave of make complaints about approaching…… However, this year on the social networking site the presence of beverages, is not all “in the history of the most difficult to drink.”!

Starbucks has a new burst of drink, the taste is not Yan value and SEI.

Starbucks probably going to drink all the headlines this summer just made a contract, “the explosion of nitrogen coffee”, also introduced a named “Pink Drink” (Secret Menu) drinks hidden menu.

Look full of girls heart, a maxed out Twitter, Instagram the major social networking sites, properly self new standard:

Yan value is indeed high, but the taste…… Instagram, many people said the taste after turn black powder:

This drink is Starbucks Brazil strawberry berry drink mixed with coconut milk, strawberry pulp (optional blueberry) do, is said to taste like strawberry milk, the domestic is not to drink buddies to make up the brain.

A micro-blog ignited the “five most difficult to drink”

Although people like it hard to drink, but still can not stop Pink Drink become the social networking site explosion.

This kind of thing, not long ago in Chinese also have a:


On this list, “by the sweat soaked in the sour taste of Oldenlandia mat” water, “with water and sediment in the Yellow River” red scream, but tastes bland colors like a human body Oriental leaves Oolong Tea, bread fermented beverage KbaC and “Fengyoujing piyanping + + Sprite flavored drink in Taiwan Pinus thunbergii SARS, you drink a few?

Speaking of this popular a few drinks, had to return to the beginning of April of this year.

Baidu index shows that these five drinks search heat, in April 6th suddenly exploded:

(source: Baidu index)

Originally, a micro-blog all from Oldenlandia water production company, this achievement serendipitously take the heat out of the beverage.

In April 5th, Laoshan Mineral Water said in response to the national call of The Belt and Road stationed in Liberia on the official micro-blog”. But sharp eyed netizens discovered, was sent to the Oldenlandia is water, so this time have a message of friendship between the two countries to turn to turn the boat”.

The number of fans only 4400 Laoshan Mineral Water, this micro-blog unexpectedly harvest nearly 8000 forward and more than 2000 comments.

(source: Laoshan Mineral Water micro-blog)

At this time, a 2013 report: “Tianya 5 drinks” the most difficult drink also turned out to be the major media reports, so that in the public eye not what sense of presence of breath drink, suddenly ushered in the spring of second:

In April 10th, “the most difficult to drink TOP5” topic also appeared on the micro-blog hot search, nicknamed the “magic of the Oriental beverage”.

Since then, this issue continues to ferment in the social platform, more than a month has accumulated more than 40 million times the amount of reading.

5 months, known as the “second famous mountain named” Japanese hill with Oldenlandia Zhibo water kaishuan, obtained by the “holy water” cooking more delicious. The conclusion of the video, only 20 days attracted onlookers playing nearly 305 thousand times on bilibili.

It seems that we always talked about to drink “Red Net” drinks.

Assists to drink curiosity into explosion models

Even with the history of the most difficult to drink “hat, and also stop early adopters willing really.

In the Taobao search for “the most difficult to drink”, there will be such a series of sales, store the highest nearly a month of sales has exceeded 6600, the cumulative comment is close to 28 thousand.


While in the top, make complaints about most Oldenlandia water, also make the door from the “Laoshan coke” “Laoshan soda” have been lying gun:


Who is the bad taste of the baby?

To drink a hot money, in the end who is doing?

Baidu index, the most interested in the five drinks of consumers, mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal areas: Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian and other places in the province of hot search list.

However, Taobao search “the most difficult to drink, Oldenlandia water” and other words of the user, these are more likely to drink consumers.

Ali big data show that these people are mainly concentrated in Southern China, East China’s first and second tier city, and the consistent distribution of Baidu search users: among them, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, the five become a hot beverage.

In addition, the actual or potential consumers, mainly students and white-collar workers, compared with the average level of consumption is also higher.

Also, or to show masculinity, 18-24 year old young men are more willing to try the most difficult to drink.

His arsenic, my honey, Haobu you try to know

Of course, the first is driven by the rebellious and curiosity, but tasted fresh warriors, do not rule out the true taste of repeat. Taobao said the evaluation, “drink” also accounted for a lot:


In April, WeChat, penguin and guide “on the 20 from the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions of the early adopters, the blind way, difficult to drink (6 evaluation of the 5 + monkey mushroom).

It is also very interesting:

Women generally can accept KbaC, think sweet fruit with a “pear”, while men said too sweet to swallow. In addition, the tea taste very pale Oriental leaves, in contrast to other hardcore beverage, it is easier to generate goodwill.

However, the Laoshan water in the evaluation is still the most unpopular, is considered to be mixed with “toothpaste, mouthwash slobber even dead taste”, “like a dead fish in the water for a night”……

(source: Sina micro-blog)

But you may not have thought of, appeared in 1962 Laoshan Oldenlandia water, Laoshan Mountain mineral water company’s products, total exports to more than 20 countries and regions overseas, “said on its website has been sold in Southeast Asia for more than fifty years”.

It is said that the original Kampuchea Prince Sihanouk in China during the period of Laoshan drinking water often Oldenlandia; Singapore’s former Prime Minister Wu Zuodong’s visit to China in 2000, also named Laoshan drinking water oldenlandia……

Therefore, Oldenlandia water is also known as the “President drinks” and “health classic” – of course, the past life of the Boss DT is unable to research.

It is the highest sales in April this year, Singapore newspaper “The StraitsTimes” a life story, see the name Amway Oldenlandia refreshing water as necessary:

The slope’s love for this holy water found Mr. DT at Twitter:

This being my honey.

Everyone’s different tastes, send you the history of the most difficult to drink “, friendship is not necessarily not turned the boat over.

(contact author: Luo Yao)

What weekend: in addition to “God of war”, you can try these free small fresh or free nonsense game!

What weekend: in addition to “God of war”, you can try these free small fresh or free nonsense game!

Touch music

No. 100 04-21 10:26

“What is the weekend” from touching music editors weekly game. Every weekend, we will recommend a new game each week (occasionally old games), they may be PC or console games, mobile phone games may also be, for your reference, choice. When you are sleeping in on weekends, no decision of what to play next time, it is better to look at our choices if you are interested in, welcome friends to our readers and developers seeking reports.

Sichuan: “Marie’s Room” (Steam)

This week I recommend the game, is on near Marie “s room in Steam” (Marie’s Room).

It is recommended based on the following reasons: it is a pedestrian simulation game, without brain, do not waste; the flow of the game is very short, short to developers do not archive functions; the game is completely free, in short, is the appropriate set aside an hour over the weekend to enjoy the small game products.

Will pay attention to this game, because it is the style of art. First saw the picture of the game, estimated that many people will think of another rave plot interactive game “strange life” (Life is Strange) — not only the style of art, Game Soundtrack too small fresh.

If I say that this game shots from the “strange life”, would anyone believe

In the gameplay and story kernel forms, “Marie’s room” closer to another in Europe and the United States is walking wind assessment simulation game “go home” (Gone Home), the same game player is explored in a limited space, the protagonist of the psychological activities through the investigation of a variety of articles, text, gradually put together the occurrence of the past story.

The survey items form and “go home” exactly the same

With the game player to collect more clues, Marie’s diary “graphic content emerge more and more, read the diary, it exists in the memory of the” room “and there will be more new items and clues. The focus of the game completely in the story, the whole process only two simple puzzle game player, only with their own mind, review the objects in the room, you can easily read the diary in advance, enjoy the full story of a good performance of sound.

The core items advance the plot is Marie painted diary

Because the game is completely free, even with the use of the Unreal Engine 4, we cannot expect it in the game and flow experience, can achieve the “memory of Eddie Finch” (What Remains of Edith Finch) that height, but in a limited space, “Marie’s room” is also speak good two an unusual friendship between girls — and I think, because of the space to be explored is compressed to only one room, its narrative experience than the beginning suspense at the end of it to a small fresh, house design is too large and time-consuming to explore “go home” to better.

Most of the time the game in this room.

Although the game has no Chinese vocabulary, but not high requirements in the Steam community guide plate, almost all the text and narration have been enthusiastic game player translation, believe that the game free. For a week in the busy, do not want to play the long game player process, such games may be a good weekend to adjust.

Liu Chun: “black Friday” (Steam): Killer puzzle

“Black Friday” (Friday the puzzle: Killer 13th: Killer Puzzle) is a “Tuixiangzi” game, the core mechanism is small when we often play the kind of box, thinking in the process of pushing, and the weight is quite heavy thinking, more precisely, is a “killer” puzzle Sokoban variant, it rules into a mobile will directly through a direction, until it encounters obstacles in order to stop and change direction. The story of the game remake of the 1980 classic horror film “black Friday”, said Jason is a killer to kill another prey, Tuixiangzi became simple thrilling murder.

Each chapter is a horror film

As you would expect, with the level in gradually, various new obstacles were introduced: unable to move to the police in front of the fire will fail, directly through the mobile number will be limited, and so on, and a “black Friday” with the original place is that fear of water can not enter the waters of Jason. In general, if not to consider the optimization of the number of steps, the game play is still relatively easy. “I and mother” (official translation!) The sounds of terror, to capture prey after “gorgeous” execution performance, let the ordinary Sokoban game still have fun.

Trouble ask Mom

However, if you played on a team work “killing camp” (Slayaway Camp) you will find them extremely similar, many design points are almost the same, just changed the skin, put before the murder thriller drawn from many mad changed to the horror studio guest Jason so, this is a complete production without eating its behavior. Therefore, this game to pass the time in fact is also good, but if you want to experience a breathtaking horror, I suggest to try “Lakeview Cabin Collection”.

You can even out of the box in the game.

Compared with the “killing camp”, “killer” puzzle makes me feel interesting is that it is the traditional Tuixiangzi system has made some changes, and it is wrapped in a very interesting case of terror. Tuixiangzi itself is a very deep system, online game player summary “Tuixiangzi” history, very detailed, I will not repeat them. I want to take this opportunity to recommend a few modern Sokoban game, they change at different levels, but also reflects the depth of strategy is not the same, some of the game really fun.

Enjoy after the slaughter of the ultimate execution.

I would like to recommend two games, one is “Stephen’s Sausage Roll”, another is “Snake Bird”, the game mechanism is very simple, the difficulty is very high, but the problem is really the incomparable pleasure, Hidden Gem. This puzzle design unified in a system, hard to say, down a bit with “mirage” and “space witness” producer Jonathan Blow concept. Jonathan Blow is developing a new game, from before the show news, as is a Sokoban game. If so, I wonder what he will push the box to make pattern.

Not to miss the experience of sausage roll

Lin Zhiwei: “terminator” (Steam).

“Trouble” Terminator (Troubleshooter) is a South Korean team developed Dandylion SRPG games on the Steam platform to launch at the end of 2017, and updated in the near future Chinese.

In the aspect of gameplay, “trouble terminator” and “XCOM” series is very similar, but the former pays more attention to the latter role to develop, pay more attention to the tactical plan. As a SRPG game, although the “terminator” trouble strategy component is much higher than that of many works on the market, but compared to the “XCOM” series, it is still to develop good character attributes.

“Trouble” terminator is set in a psychic world, like the “notorious” that is different, “the ability of trouble in the world is not the terminator” boycott and kill, they rely on their ability to become a bounty hunter in general, the main game tells the story of the protagonist each peer Albers unity of his company, more and more powerful story.

The game supports customized corporate characteristics

Compared with the “XCOM” series of narrative, “terminator” trouble may conform to the tastes of young game player now. Whether it is the design of energy-saving wind characters, or dynamic BGM, than the “XCOM” series to be more attractive.

In the role to develop the system, “trouble terminator” is quite mature, skills and equipment system Goods are available in all varieties. tree. The level of effort to join the fight, also let the tactical planning become more complicated.

The game is quite perfect equipment system

This game is not without drawbacks. Perhaps this kind of game is a common problem, perhaps manufacturers lack of strength in technology, on-line more than 4 months after the optimization of the game is not very good. Not only read the disk speed, click in the specific operation also has obvious delay. This text Chinese quality is not very high, although can understand the story, but still a lot of mistakes and typos.

On the whole, the South Korean team SRPG work makes me feel quite amazing. It made many bold attempt based on “XCOM” series of works on the style of the game is quite comfortable. If you can bear the key delay with strange Chinese text, and not be disagreeable to you of Korean, this game is really fun.

Figure painting style quite lovable

Now, this is the Steam platform at a discount, the price is only 54 yuan.

Chen Jing: “the death of the planet before 60 seconds! “(Steam)

“60 seconds before the end of the earth! “It is a nonsense revealed deep flavor to the game, it is suitable for just this week I — as a layman, I have for the new” God of war “coming eager for a fight for a long time, they should cover your eyes not to look at colleagues sneak feelings and spoilers, while not his hands find all kinds of information — well, I (and my lovely roommates) has already made a” God of war “single, waiting for the download time, can go to play something else what.

I can’t remember “60 seconds before the end of the earth! “How I run to the Steam recommended in the first, it is a free game, play it without a bit of pressure; secondly it’s process is very short, that comes with reference to the game, about half an hour to collect all the achievements, even played a pass, would have just a little about third, it is simple; art and monotonous operation hidden in a strange wild gas, people can not help but side make complaints about” I rely on what is this “while playing down.

The game comes with Chinese translation, this semi impassability feeling is very arrogant

Only 60 seconds the earth will be finished, you can use such a short time do what?

“60 seconds before the end of the earth! “The story is very simple: one day, the news that a meteorite would hit the earth after 60 seconds, the protagonist will do what you always wanted to do in the last 60 seconds. However, after 60 seconds, there will be a scientist explained to him, in fact, everything is simulated by the test, the test is to test the character. Most importantly, the protagonist’s mother, girlfriend and nephew had watched the whole of his performance……

The theme of the game, from the solid 3A do new independent game — I played “radiation 4”, played “60 seconds” — even limit the content and gameplay, casually cite examples will also have a lot of. But “the death of the planet before 60 seconds! “Still has its own characteristics: it can be regarded as a” survival “and other games, however is not the same need to live their own survival game, your first reaction is the key (please think carefully what is the first ending you play). Of course, it is an action game, after all, time is only 60 seconds, to complete some complex achievements, still need a little hand speed and technology.

Remind the game…… Well, this is just one of the 9 endings

More importantly, even if it is really very simple (or simple), but still can let a person think of some of the more serious problems, although these problems still wrapped in the following funny and nonsensical appearance. That is, if the world really will soon be destroyed, what would you do?

This reminds me of some time ago that “Hawaii’s missile false news” from false positives to the rumor just a half hour, most people still reflects the simple kind of their own, at least not what people took to the streets to take revenge on society, but these simple kind or a lot of hidden can be called human nature of things such as: a sister (not described) 22 years old young man, or the courage to crush confession success, false positives after the termination of each other but because “just want to let you die before the fun” and once again rejected the brother…… It is honest to asylum in accordance with disaster prevention training run, that is a false alarm after all, “I want skin” performance also emerge in an endless stream.

Or is this mother and girlfriend in the game of different reaction source. Of course, the most terrible is certainly the nephew, this little guy than the absolute protagonist need more treatment.

If you save the world, I will be proud of you.

The only choice to be a good person, can have a girlfriend

This child can bear more than black protagonist……

“60 seconds before the end of the earth! “Producer Avocavo is a Korean vegetarian. He made another Mobile Games Eventful Day of a “The Game Streamer” is the kind of seemingly easy, clearance time is not long, and can leave the aftertaste works, also recommended.

“The Eventful Day of a Game Streamer”

Zhang Yitian: “the spy party” (Steam)

The famous Turing test, the test of a AI with the possibility of human dialogue success disguised as humans and not to be found. “The spy party” (SpyParty) is a little act in a diametrically opposite way: the meaning of game player to masquerade as a NPC, to complete the task, or in the case of not being noticed to find a NPC pretending to be a game player.

This is a non symmetric game must be double of a game player as a spy, need to accomplish various tasks at a cocktail party, including the person to put a bug in the room, for small objects out of a bag, and others even flirt and so on. Another game player is playing a sniper, observe all reception in the distant place, find other mixed game player in the NPC, and then use only one bullet to kill him.

It is easy, the key is who

The game has just landed Steam a few days before, but experienced a long development process. The game in the intellectual war there is a link play board games – although this is a feeling in any case there is no way to play games on. Spy game player will perform each play a randomly selected number of tasks in the task library, and completed within the time limit. The key lies in disguise, a lot of action, such as to pick up small objects play a moment, or in the past and to chat, NPC also will do, so the game player to do is as far as possible into the crowd. If you are in a hurry, too much like a real person, just one opening to a place will be recognized, or through NPC straight was a group chat, it is likely to be recognized, but is still standing may hide themselves, until the opponent manslaughter good. In short, this is a game with people fighting an endless enjoyment.

An old game player in story writing in the message said, the game was available to play in the game show, two game player field battle: Spy role stood motionless, hands shaking rocker pretend game player, sniper quietly observed, the story in perfect silence temporarily not to verify the authenticity, the game is a battle of wits the existence of the.

The key is to pretend NPC spy victory

At present, the price of 80 yuan in the game Steam, game player can match the other game player in the game hall, inviting friends to fight function doesn’t seem to be interested in the on-line game player a try.

Hu Zhengda: “one hour” (Steam)

“One hour”, the name “One Hour One Life English”. This is a primitive life simulator, such as the name, in this game, game player’s life only one hour from the birth date, minute age increase year, theoretical maximum age is 60 years old.

A person’s life

Game player will randomly as another game player of the birth of a child, at this time to pray that you have a good mother, because the birth of game player only 4 lattice hunger value, once left feeding, almost immediately will die. Every minute, game player age growth a year, slightly larger can help the work at home, people can also become a large range of activities. However, the upper limit of hunger will increase with age……

This is one of the original people of the world, all things should be by the game player yourself step synthesis, including bottles, odds and ends of sewing usually not noticeable. If the game player is the gender of female, so in adulthood but also the birth of the baby at any time, by the random community together constitute the crowd, in other words, almost all of them are relatives.

The tribal life from scratch

Because each game player’s life is very short, and life after death is completely random, so everything I do is for the next generation of contributions. This is how similar and the reality of the human world, how many people spent one, is a good day for future generations to pave the way for.

If a game player in the game suddenly to your gift items, don’t be surprised, he is about to die, you’ll soon see he suddenly turned into a pool of bones of the scene. So cherish each life with each other, because the next game, you will no longer recognize each other.

Recommended for all people to try this game, the game can be downloaded from the official website.

Hu Youtian: “meow” mosaic (eShop)

4K Mode I

The “MUSYNX” of the game, Chinese nickname “meow mosaic”, a domestic indie music game is two, it contains many Chinese Vocaloid songs, three it is now on Switch. If the earlier landing “VOEZ” Chinese Portland air no songs, it is likely that the second models will China contemporary music, Chinese songs to dominate the world of Nintendo this platform, let the world hear the game.

The first is the “copycat game around 1990 in Taiwan gem”, a collection of Li Jianfu’s “descendants of the Dragon”. I read for a while and University soldiers often take kingbus from Taipei, Taichung, passenger bus with a handle for a period of time in the seat on a small TV then I do not know which copycat manufacturers do built FC, built in 99 and 1 ROM for passengers to nostalgia pastime, which will have the. I heard the “dragon” in which was a bit of a surprise.

Wei Zai “big Taiwan” golden age of piracy (photo source: Laobao Hello)

Get down to business。 I just took the money from the Switch mud dragging the hands of the teacher, the “mosaic” to start the demo to see when meow, does not recommend, my confidence is not enough: the rhythm of the game, the basic gameplay is not just a matter? Even if it is in all aspects of doing a bit better than others, and what is there to say? It is just above the Switch?

After playing a few songs I found that really can rely on it is in Switch.

From a senior game player’s point of view, first of all, touch screen operation feel quite comfortable, the size of the screen is just suitable for the size of my hands, not like the mobile phone is so awkward, not like some of the large size of the tablet that is too large.

Again, this should bunt the area at the bottom of the screen, do not play tricks like some similar games that switch to the line of sight, cover finger knot. Although simple, not what is not good.

Lovely songs

Multi language version of “Su San his”: Chinese English again, again, again in Japanese

Chinese people draw illustrations in the moderate size of the PSP picture looks quite detailed. Not only looked comfortable, also meet a little feeling: we work, finally also on Nintendo. This and go the international route similar than it is another kind of relief. Although this is only a few pictures, a few songs, not what class 3A masterpiece, but it has a good point, is we the self-employed, small communities are able to reach this achievement.

From a cultural perspective, the most happy is on the inside to play a Peking Opera arranger and tone “Su three” and “99 eighty-one” solution of these music. Do not know there is no one like me, feel with the opera percussion rhythm game, especially interesting.

In fact, in addition to these from the traditional opera adaptation or sampling work, I also want to play more authentic traditional music. Chinese so many dialects and folk songs, opera, I love.

Own rhythm game since I have a point of view: This is a great opportunity to revive the traditional music. We used to listen to music and opera, easily impatient, for modern people because it is too monotonous or too slow, even if you want to study, it is difficult to immerse in it. But now, the rhythm of the game, let your eyes and fingers when listening to something to do, and the music in the beginning is played to coordinate the array with the action, so why do I feel like Peking Opera in the rhythm game and is especially interesting, because I followed it in: click on the screen, they intuitively understand these drums, “so”.

The “meow” mosaic like many similar domestic works, or YISHION music and V’s songs, this included the “99 eighty-one” “Ji” and other gods is very popular in the song “Divine Comedy”, although this and I really want some gap, and if I really want to play it with several arias, grilled their “Osu!” a spectrum will have, but at least I see there is a landing Switch music game put a flag in the “China wind” on this point, this is a promising start, although the “start” on other platforms have been a lot, but we have more hope.

Another point of view, from mild game player standpoint, this system is simple, do not have the plot and varied gameplay, it is advantage. My mother is now on the plate to play rhythm game, sometimes with my 90 year old grandmother to play together, the elderly slow response, play of course is very simple, but also classical music arranger tracks more simple. That to our young people is too boring, but they have to play and have fun. Now “meow” mosaic also has several low difficulty tracks, can give the elderly play, afraid they didn’t like unfamiliar tune. But if there are? If after a few paragraphs of opera, Huangmei opera and folk songs? If you can come to a common topic, Sichuan Opera what tune? It is not possible with this platform, let some contemporary artists have been paid attention to and the traditional identity of the new generation?

I don’t know “meow” mosaic production group has no desire to go in this direction, it is still quite new, positioning lighter adorable, the ideas above, more likely to be “spring snow” the positioning of the game will be. However, if it is or what a landing Switch the domestic game to do this, the meaning would be different from us just who used “Osu!” a few score to entertain themselves, it can hold “Chinese cultural renaissance” this topic to do the article, small and speaking, can also for the elderly to achieve a “filial piety”, and it allows us to understand the traditional music, with the body and, after this influence, our contemporary music, can mix more exquisite and widely accepted “Chinese wind”.

Although a rhythm game seems beyond expectations so much, but I think, for a platform, considering the different market of this platform, we can always make some out of the existing framework, connect the other circle of ideas. “Meow” has done a good deal, worth bearing these expectations. The Chinese cultural renaissance in a small firm foundation — so we can blow.

In marketing: built Tungting Oolong Tea


This paper represents the views of the authors and do not represent the position of Baidu. Department authorized 100 issue, shall not be reproduced without permission.

Won the national Kate love tea flavoring is what position? Abstract: tea is not tea to give out fragrance of tea flavor, but directly regulating the flavour of tea.

This is the “knowledge” as “know” and “column,” play like general goods.

If you want every bitter astringent, and sweet drinks, there are about two kinds of wine and tea. But all day without a drink called alcohol, can be used when daily drinks, tea, and only.

Many people love tea, many people also don’t want to get bogged down in the “tea can self-cultivation” -. Why is tea, in order to self-cultivation, want to drink fresh tea drink ruffian, OK?

That’s ok。 This is general as “tea of the non mainstream edible method: first flavoring tea.

This kind of tea by British Princess Kate, in Korea Obama circle is also quite popular, what is the life story of flavoring tea? What kind of tea were worth buying? Today you started with the elephant.

You ask me, the ocean blond and blue eyed Dave has 10 Fen contributions to the tea ceremony? Although the open brain is too big, but it is a re invention and promotion of the foreigners: flavoring tea.

Lost veteran coffee can soak chrysanthemum medlar, the little girl on the tea table glass fruit tea, still have to shield off the ice Black Tea like beverage of the supermarket in the refrigerator, to talk about tea.

Not to give out the tea tea flavoured tea flavor, but directly regulating the flavour of tea.

The tea and fruit, petals, essential oils, spices and all kinds of human body, you can get a special blend of tea — a concept similar to the gourd gourd have been super fit. Modulation after tea itself with spices to flavor, so this kind of tea called tea aroma.

Compared China tea, the tea taste of foreigners love perfumery, impure tea and various spices and fullness in the dense small crowded space, mutual friction, hybridity, after a period of time, tea, taste is not the same, people drink is a composite aroma all blend into one harmonious whole. If you want to identify the smell of composite in tea by the smell and taste, you will feel like playing a guessing game, especially for my girlfriend and play “what flavor” guess this tea in the game.

Before the Westerners “again” invented flavouring tea, flavoring tea appeared in history Chinese prototype.

Such as Song Zhaoren, add a call to Green Tea dipterocarp spices, made for aromatherapy Green Tea tribute. Unfortunately, our ancestors thought: take tea with spices, it tarnished the purity of tea flavor! Couldn’t be wretched! We want to chase, for, and taste! So, the rudiment of perfumery tea, at least in the society was replaced, can not carry forward.

To the Qing Dynasty, there are Chinese officials put a Bergamot fragrant Black Tea as a gift to the British to please the Earl of Charles Grey, Earl of Gray, the official tea named Gray Earl Grey Tea, count Gray home after a drink: “Oh, this tea cow B.” So cattle have to do tea tea maker study, then Earl Grey Tea formula is so developed, and starting from the Earl Grey Tea, the West began to produce more fragrant tea formula.

The second Earl of Gray

Earl Grey Tea is a British overbearing queen Queen Victoria’s cup of tea. Queen Victoria was in a period of 64 years, Britain is the second longest reigning monarch, created the British Empire legend.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria likes tea, love tea is just the Black Tea. Because the queen love tea, afternoon tea became Vitoria court fashionable social way (similar to the Chinese love to talk about business on the table), and spread to the society as the backbone of the middle class, the star effect brought by the queen for a viral spread, from the palace to London downtown to the rural area of the British with the tea addiction.

During the period of Vitoria in the afternoon tea noble men and women

Together, the queen of love Black Tea mix Bergamot together in the UK has become one of the national taste of British tea.

Gray Earl Grey Tea Sichuan – ning – the queen of England with the money

Most people choose Earl Grey Tea standard is: British origin. What no other reason, just because this tea is in the UK carry forward, in addition to the traditional tea + bergamot essential oil formula, the British also developed with lemon or orange essential oil Black Tea count.

If you want to drink, you can choose TWININGS, Twinings is British common brand of tea in the kitchen. Although the supermarket can buy, but can not buy in the supermarket is low goods, one is the most astute Twinings into various price, cheap tea, tea is also high. The count Black Tea tea with tea, brew directly on the line.

Since foreigners love to flavoring tea growing, they went purebred in tea drink mixed with a variety of things, all kinds of essential oils, petals, caramel, chocolate chips, pineapple frosting and small bud like are mixed, after playing a flower, also open the brain hole of different origin with the same tea tea, the development of a new way of blending tea, flavoring tea family so slowly grow up.

With a cup of tea tea Kate

A flavoring tea from the royal family of diehard powder is kate.

Princess love tea, love tea fragrance. She was often photographed to Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea. Fortnum and Mason is a famous brand of tea blending Britain, legend was Kate’s favorite is when the three tea is Royal Blend (Royal Queen Anne (blending), Queen Anne) and Piccadilly Blend (Piccadilly blending). The “Queen Anne” also with many fans started tea tea fragrance, with a strong wheat Flavor perfumery Black Tea.

QueenAnne- Fortnum & Mason, a British Princess

Queen Anne is a gentle fragrance with wheat flavor, taste rich Black Tea, most will start to buy a Fortnum & Mason.

South Korean actor Li Zhongshuo is also a fan of it. At the beginning of this year, with the broker Li Zhongshuo about freeing him, during the first thing to do is to fly to England, he issued a trip, you drink afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason in the micro-blog pictures, and greeting fans, ask you sleep well? Don’t know which one is Li Zhongshuo’s cup of tea.

The origin of the Oriental tea has good flavoring tea, here are two.

White Peach Oolong tea – Green – Japan

Name: white peach flavor Oolong Tea, honest. Drink white Peach Oolong is in a small restaurant, restaurant menu is very simple, from several drinks only pick in the white peach oolong.

The Oolong Tea mellow preference, mellow Oolong Tea Mix fresh juicy white Taoxiang, from the White Peach Oolong hard disposable.

White Peach Oolong to Taiwanese Wenshen Paochung tea base, Wenshen Paochung in Oolong Tea is light color clear the corner, itself with light sweet smell, add the Oolong Tea fresh white peach blossom, let them smell each other with a.

The classic white peach from Japanese green tea oolong tea (LUPICIA), the United States, a set of tea colored illustration cans, superimposed on the sweet smell, send the girl.

Green tea also sells a variety of flavored tea, such as strawberries and occasionally Black Tea season, captured the heart of girl weapon.

The video is about Chinese from the pomelo tea, popular in southern fujian. The flavor of grapefruit melted into Pu’er Tea, is Chinese tea liquor.

Pomelo tea – China

Long heibuliuqiu, hard shell, when the need to take the tea utensils to sharp poke peel.

The process of mixing grapefruit and tea flavor is very complicated. A method of making tea pomelo is at the top of a small Pikaigai grapefruit dug, dug up the meat and grapefruit mixed Pu’er Tea, fill in the grapefruit, grapefruit cover cover, sealed with wire.

A mixture of grapefruit tea grapefruit meat needs about 20 days after low temperature baking, also to be stored for more than 4 years, such as grapefruit peel bitter dispersed, with charcoal finally became a baking.

* “knowledge like Er” that can save the enjoyment of aesthetic taste, can be refined from gravity, can purify the air quality, to defend world peace ruffian.

The food & Beverage Industry: cross-border electricity supplier Quanzhou regional characteristics and advantages of the road Abstract: Quanzhou food and beverage industry to leisure food, food accounted for a large market share, the candy industry output accounted for about 20% of the country, tea, vinegar is sold overseas.

Quanzhou food and beverage industry to leisure food, food accounted for a large market share, the candy industry output accounted for about 20% of the country, tea, vinegar is sold overseas. At present, the food industry in Quanzhou has A Well-Known Trademark in China 15, 52 famous trademarks of Fujian Province, Jinjiang city and Anxi county are respectively, was awarded the “national food industry county” and “China Oolong Tea (tea),” the honorary title.

As of the year 2015, Quanzhou pan food and beverage enterprises more than 1200, employing about 800000 people, above scale enterprises output value of 48 billion yuan, the industry scale and the output value of the province ranks first in the. Jinjiang has initially formed a food and beverage, Yongchun vinegar, Anxi tea and other pan food and beverage industry cluster.

Jinjiang: Food and beverage

The food and beverage as one of the traditional industries in Jinjiang city started earlier, has formed a cover candy, jelly, fruit, seaweed, aquatic products, pastries, expanded more than ten categories, hundreds of varieties of industrial clusters.

Jinjiang food and beverage production enterprises cluster effect, focus on four areas of Luoshan, Xintang, Anhai, economic development zone, a total of more than 440, employing more than 30 thousand people in the region, Panpan Yake, crayon, kiss, led the entire food industry healthy and orderly development.

Especially in recent years, the Jinjiang food industry to actively establish cooperative relations with Germany, the United States Food Research Institute, China Institute of food and fermentation industry, China Agricultural University and other institutions, the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment. Every family has more enterprises above the scale of main products, food, nougat, sugar plum, dried meat floss, oatmeal chocolate cake, swiss roll, waffles become the volume of domestic consumer market; beverages, Panpan, crayon launched pulp beverage, vegetable protein beverage, drinking water, open market.

More than more than 30 companies are using Alibaba, Tmall supermarket, shop No. 1 well-known electronic business platform, through the B2B B2C wholesale and retail channels, to seize the online sales share. At present, Jinjiang food has been successfully seize the market in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other more than 30 countries and regions. Only last year, Jinjiang city food and beverage industry output value of 35 billion yuan, the first half of this year the output value of more than 17 billion 600 million yuan, candy production accounted for 20% of total production.

Yongchun: vinegar

Yongchun vinegar smelling, famous. As one of the four famous vinegar Chinese, with glutinous rice, Monascus, sesame, sugar and other raw materials, using the unique brewing family recipe. Has the characteristics of color, dark brown with acid sweet, mellow and refreshing, hide not rot etc.. Is a fine texture and seasoning, both can cure disease prevention refinement, mumps, ascariasis and cold etc..

In recent years, Fujian Yongchun to further expand the “vinegar article”, based on the traditional vinegar on the combination of health care, they developed the vinegar capsules, and other higher value-added food vinegar, and try and drink together, successfully developed a variety of tastes, let consumers personally modulation of vinegar beverage.

Chunhua overseas Chinese numerous, this also let Yongchun vinegar with name card, with the overseas Chinese in Yongchun vinegar fragrance overflowing, are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, both at home and abroad, become an integral part of many Chinese and overseas Chinese condiment on the table.

According to statistics, Yongchun county has the production of vinegar 6 enterprises, the annual output value of nearly million tons, the output value of 100 billion yuan. The beginning of 2012, Yongchun Laocu began selling through net, shop No. 1, Alibaba, Tmall and other online business platform.

Anxi: Tea

Speaking of Anxi, presumably everyone will blurt out Anxi tea. As everyone knows, Anxi is the country’s largest Oolong Tea areas, Chinese Oolong Tea (tea) Township, was also the first to win the national well-known trademark tea tea producing area, production process is to be included in the national intangible cultural heritage, “drink of perfume” has become a foreigner in Anxi tea best praise.

As of now, Anxi county has full distribution within 600 thousand acres of tea plantations, with an annual output of 68 thousand tons of tea, 756 tea cooperatives annual output value of 13 billion 500 million yuan, in the tea industry personnel about 800000 people.

Anxi County as the first national tea producing counties, to the quality and safety as a primary task, tea exports acclaimed, tea export prices rose year after year, and for many years through the testing and certification authorities input, to establish long-term good relations of cooperation with a number of the world’s top five hundred enterprises.

Anxi tea products sold in Japan, Singapore, Philippines and other more than 10 countries and regions, and continue north of Russia, South Australia to open up overseas markets, along the new Silk Road “repeatedly refresh Anxi tea export records, famous at home and abroad.

When the traditional enterprise plug in cross-border electricity supplier “wings”, will reduce the number of links between the traditional model, especially for more, better and more distinctive products to open up the market in foreign countries, the electronic business platform to build brand.

The wave of cross-border electricity supplier, if not as soon as possible a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, on the bus, or you will miss the last chance of “sea”. Therefore, on the morning of September 13th, an open up a fresh outlook of the “2016 Fujian (Quanzhou) cross-border electricity supplier summit” will open to you, click on the link (I want to sign up to participate in, let) from Quanzhou characteristic industry to help cross-border electricity supplier set sail.

For the design of the electric toothbrush: quickly remove stains, smoke stains, 60 days long life

For the design of the electric toothbrush: quickly remove stains, smoke stains, 60 days long life

Extremely fruit

No. 100 05-03 10:48

Today closed off second days, are you happy? Wake up in the morning daze, is not just to touch the face, and then brush in the mouth just plug a few, hurriedly carrying a bag out of the cab?

(are you teasing their teeth to play it)

Think their teeth look very clean? In fact, no manual brushing teeth cleaning the dirt in the gap, can not clean the back teeth blind. It is easy to accumulate days and months multiplying, dental plaque, dental calculus, gingival atrophy, dark yellow teeth, eventually become old”.

In order to let everyone have a white healthy teeth, a fruit gentleman brought IITE /UDOO X1 go to the white teeth of sonic toothbrush, specifically for the Chinese people accustomed to optimization, deep cleaning teeth stains, battery life up to 60 days.

Stains, not just stains on your teeth

According to statistics, there are nearly 500 million people Chinese tea, 300 million people smoking, 70% people drink colored drinks habits. The pigment molecules in the diet to penetrate into the teeth, tooth stains can be formed.

These pigments and bacteria accumulate on the surface of the teeth, it will form a plaque. It will bring the food into acidic substances, gradually form small tooth decay, or decay.

Stains teeth not only affect the appearance, but also damage the teeth and gums, resulting in loss of teeth, gingival atrophy and other diseases. And stains not clean, it is easy to produce dental calculus. Once formed, only by professional scaling processing.

To clean stains, in addition to maintain daily brushing in the morning and evening, use the correct brushing, mouthwash, brushing should also adhere to the colored food after eating. Today bring this toothbrush, is to clean the teeth stains and design.

A variety of stains, a toothbrush full fix

With other electric toothbrush, whitening sensitive mode, the electric toothbrush has 5 kinds of scene modes, very good understanding.

General cleaning: recommendations have not used an electric toothbrush used for 7 days, and then choose other suitable gear; Tea: tea, smoke after use, including Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and other beverages.

Coffee: it is recommended to drink coffee, cola, wine after use

Hot: it is recommended to eat Sichuan, Hunan, Hot pot, barbecue and other spicy food

Sweet: it is recommended to eat desserts, cakes, candy, chocolate after use.

31000 / min high frequency vibration, strong wave force clean out loud

Pattern diversity, have strong power to be effective collocation.

This toothbrush for people’s habits, the United States medical research team and nearly 1000 domestic dental institutions, jointly developed sonic technology specializing in teeth stains.

The vibration frequency of up to 31000 times per minute, the brush head swings 5-8 degrees. Can generate numerous rich tiny bubbles, easily collapse all kinds of stains.

The brush head uses DuPont micro feather brush, can deep clean the oral bacteria, reduce the damage of enamel.

The whole waterproof, 60 days of life

The whole toothbrush IPX7 waterproof, support body washing and shower. Even the bath brush!

Collocation of wireless charging base, no plug, directly put the toothbrush can charge up. Life time of up to 60 days a year, only charge 6 times.

Although the pattern of diversity, it can memory the current brush mode. From each boot repeatedly set the trouble, it is very easy to use.

Recommended by the American Dental Association, the national 1000 dental institutions

IITE tooth white was highly recognized by the president of the American Dental Association in last year. In China, there are nearly a thousand recommend joint dental organizations, the president will also have recommended IITE white teeth Chinese oral medicine toothbrush.

It’s products have passed the European CE certification, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission certification, China National Accreditation certification.

This paper represents the views of the authors and do not represent the position of Baidu. Department authorized 100 issue, shall not be reproduced without permission.

How to make new tea emerge in an endless stream, young people love tea

How to make new tea emerge in an endless stream, young people love tea

DT Finance

No. 100 04-28 14:31

The Luo. Whether you want to do the tea industry “red head net”, still want to deep market segments, the new brand to please the young man, without exception, with data insight into the market this step will start to win.

Once a day a cup of Starbucks’s young people started in the circle of friends in the fancy tea.

The self proclaimed “XX tea” brand, suddenly get together in the commercial street, also occupy the most eye-catching position convenience store freezer. They are packaged, adding a lot of fruit juice, cheese, coffee and ice cream…… Compared with the traditional Chinese tea, taste novelty.

If you Chinese tea layman, do not worry about being in Longjing, Spring Snail, tieguangyin noun around the halo. These new tea, named simple freehand, to a certain extent also reduces the consumer tea cognitive threshold:

(image: Hi tea drinks such as red, green, Yan name Golden Phoenix King are created)

Chinese tea is becoming more and more like coffee — in addition to the original production process more standardized, has also spawned a new tea – this is now popular with tea base and processed for different flavor drinks.

I didn’t drink tea cheese milk cap fun, fresh fruit tea began to rage, and recently heard that a “dirty tea” began to long queues…… The old tea drinkers might sniff at, but for most do not understand the tea culture of young people, but as a result, the tea becomes easy to understand, good drink, even so cool.

The rise of new era in upgrading tea consumption, Mr. DT recently in FBIF2018 food and beverage innovation forum, just to hear some interesting industry point of view, want to share with you.

To mobilize young people appetite, first find the “taste memory”

Who takes six hours to get the “red” Hi tea, all these years has led the cheese milk tea and fruit tea wave cover.

How to create explosion models, like tea CEO Xiao Shuqin erudite. She believes that the understanding of consumer tastes and preferences are very important, and “Hi tea do is based on insight into consumer demand, R & D and customized raw materials”.

Specifically is to do two things, one is to provide quality health trends, real materials, two is based on the development of adequate memorable products, found a “taste memory”.

For example, the main raw material for tea, like tea of different origin to purchase, such as the Oolong Tea preferred Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka Black Tea, Japanese green tea etc.. At the same time, each product is not a single tea like tea, but tea blending to form a unique tea.

Xiao Shuqin also pointed out that the rich taste and flavor levels is another research direction, namely the need to study, in the end, the back end of the entrance, it sounds rather like the taste perfumer’s work.

Cheese milk tea is such cover out of the brain hole. Xiao Shuqin said: “if you drink pure tea drink, after drinking is sweet, (pure tea) entrance is relatively slow. We want a lot of research and development process, thought into mango on top of Mango Milk actually cover the taste is very good, but we find it with tea is not tea with mango taste collocation, because there is a conflict. Later found cheese with tea very perfect collocation.”

As for how to find consumer preferences, Xiao Shuqin pointed out that the brand through public comment, micro-blog, WeChat and other channels to observe consumer feedback, according to the views of consumers and constantly adjust product sales.

(image: Hi tea from the public comments to collect user feedback)

In addition, they will also reference the user evaluation of products.

For example, they found all the comments, cheese, strawberry, mango, durian these ingredients have very large consumer groups, will put them as a source of inspiration for the development of hi tea. This is not the way we do research on category NEXT50! ()

Into the scenes of life of young people, where are the opportunities?

With a large number of like tea, tea, tea Naixue Po and other brands as well as copycat their admission, China tea market appears to have entered the Red Sea, competition is more and more homogenization.

But the market China Tetra Pak Service Director and vice president of business in the back told Mr. DT, although the largest consumer scene is still in the afternoon leisure and shopping — these years like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the emergence of street tea, but in fact, in the Chinese tea market is very big, so we tend to ignore the needs of segments in the future, are likely to grow into a huge market opportunity.

In the back gives a digital light, is that drinking tea in part, its market size is three times in recent years in Chinese concern the high heat of the yogurt Market above.

In addition, ask the designer to play cross-border open net store this red flow routine, the new tea there is what kind of opportunity? We wish to refer to the domestic and foreign cases.

For example, DT Jun around the female colleagues have tried the Japanese Suntory iemon tea, for there is a demand for body fat loss and management of consumers; the British VIVID MATCHA invited Japanese monks to tell the story of green tea and improve the focus; Holland fruit tea brand Fruit&Thee is the main location in the local travel tea, Belgium and train station sales; while in China, Mr. DT also found in a group of network Black Tea drink shop, opened in the district office, aimed at working business tea brand Teasoon is low-key popular……

These specific people and scenes of the new tea brands, have found differences in market competitiveness.

(image: Teasoon and VIVID MATCHA; source: micro-blog and Instagram)

On the moon also pointed out at the meeting, we began to use research methods — more complex than simple demographic factors, but through the study of China that tea consumers in different scenarios of different needs and psychological causes will be divided into eight categories: including energy exploration, pleasure, social Master, LOHAS, rare noble pursuit belonging, highlight the self, rational self-discipline and psychological comfort.

Different psychological needs of consumers, the tea consumption motives of nature is not the same.

For example, people pay more attention to the pursuit of belonging sense of ritual and cultural symbol “tea brings, and vigorous Explorer may be more inclined to” curiosity and explosive taste”.

Listen to so much, if you ask Mr. DT after the greatest feeling, of course is whether to do tea industry “red head net”, still want to deep market segments, the new brand to please the young man, without exception, with data insight into the market this step will start to win!

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NEXT CIA intelligence officer recruitment

NEXT intelligence agency DT financial consumer data focused on the introduction of the research project, focused on a combination of big data China insight into consumer trends. By collecting huge amounts of data, quantitative indicators, continuous assessment of consumer, industry and consumer interaction in the upgrading of consumption, regularly launch depth articles, research reports, custom content data of products, business decision guidance at the forefront of providing consumer upgrades and new retail “in the tide. In order to exchange the IN consumer information, three secretaries to recruit “intelligence” number, if you:

Global consumption information + + hot pursuit

+ with scientific faith + grass not blindly.

Whenever the chop hand will be the whole network + study +

Is that Mr. DT is looking for, please add DT Jun personal WeChat (dtcaijing004) registration and note the “intelligence agency”.

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